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Here are links to some of our payroll resources

Covid-19 Resources

US Department of Labor Information
US DOL has links to fact sheets, required posters, questions and answers - on the federal level and how they relate to your business.

IRS Updates
Resources for updates made by the IRS for deadlines & stimulous payments.

Oregon's BOLI guidance on Oregon sick leave
With all of the changes happening, BOLI has usefull information to stay in compliance.

Labor Attorney's Barran Liebman LLP have great resources as well
One of our clients shared the link to an attorney they have received labor resources from regarding this virus, they have quite a few resources.

Payroll Links

Federal W-4
Current federal W-4 that every employee needs to fill out.

Oregon W-4
Oregon has its very own W-4 that all new employees need to fill out (Instructions for Oregon). 

Federal I-9
All employees and employers need to fill out the federal I-9 to verify employment eligibility.

Federal W-9
All subcontractors should fill out the W-9 to determine if they are required to receive a 1099 at year end.  

Starting a New Business?

Determine your entity structure
Are you unsure of the differences in the type of entity that you should form?  This may help answer a few questions.  We always suggest that you consult with an attorney or CPA for the best option for your personal situation.

Register your business with the Secretary of State
Oregon has a site dedicated to registering your business.  Make sure to read through the directions to fill the form out that matches the structure that you have determined is best for your situation.

Did you choose to be an S-Corp?
Did you chose an entity that has the option to be taxed as an S-Corp?  If so, after you obtain your EIN (down a few links) you will want to make sure this form is filled out with all of he information of the owners.  There are time frames for this election. 

Obtain your EIN
It is a wise choice to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for all businesses.  It's a way to have a special identification for your business without using your social security number on official forms.  All businesses that have payroll will need an EIN.  

Do you need or want to have payroll in your business?

Do you need to process payroll and need a workers compensation insurance policy?
Have you determined if you need payroll? Will you hire employees?  Will you pay yourself?

Obtaining my EIN
All employers are required to have a Federal EIN for your business, this number identifies your business on all forms and returns that are submitted.

Obtaining my BIN
All employers are required to have an Oregon BIN for your business, this number identifies your business in Oregon just like the EIN does federally.

Applying for EFTPS
All employers are required to pay payroll taxes for employees and when paying those taxes, they are primarily paid through an online portal with the IRS.  This link will apply for your EFTPS PIN # that is used to set up the portal.

Do I need to register my business with Oregon Saves?
All employers in Oregon are required to offer a retirement plan to their employees - even if the only employees are you as an owner.  Oregon Saves qualifies as that offering, as well as other employer sponsored plans - talk with your financial planner about the best options for your business.

Oregon Tax Information Authorization & POA for Representation
If our office is helping your business process payroll, we will need this form filled out so we will be able to discuss your matters with the state of Oregon over their online portals.

Federal Tax Information Authorization
If our office is helping our business process payroll, we may need this form filled out so we will be able to discuss your matters with the IRS on their online portals and offices.

Oregon Revenue Online Portal
Oregon has it's own online portal for payments being made for payroll taxes.




I have employees all set up, now what do I do?

Reporting New Employees
As you hire new employees, you will need to report all new hires to the State of Oregon.

BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries) Rules on Paychecks
As you are paying your employees (yourself as an owner possibly included), there are rules for pay periods and paychecks.

Can I pay my employees a salary?
Most employees are subject to the overtime rules, but some are exempt.  Take a look to see if your salaried employees are or are not subject to overtime pay.

Required Employment Posters
All businesses with employees are required to post labor law information.  This site is very helpful at explaining what is required.  BOLI offers these posters at a very reasonable rate, no need to subscribe to costly mail service posters.  Posters and Handbooks availablethrough BOLI.

What's this I hear about Oregon Sick Leave Pay?
Oregon has a sick leave policy for all employees.  See here if your busines is subject to a paid sick leave policy or an unpaid sick leave policy.

SAIF 801 form
If you have an employee that is injured on t he job - you can use this 801 form (even if your insurance isn't SAIF) to report the accident.